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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.Often at times we fail to achieve our goals not because we cannot but because we luck commitment.We luck commitment in our thoughts as well as our actions.Take for instance that business plan you thought about at the beginning of the year.You said you would save certain amount for it to start later this year but it is almost the end of June and you know where you stand.

           Time is so precious that every second counts.Every promise you make,keep it!Yes you know karma,that mama will hount you. Don’t promise yourself gold to award yourself quartz at the end.Just be committed.One thing I always have in mind is I rather do something with passion or not at all. The same applies to your life.

     Our lifes are bittersweet but its our duty to make it bitter or sweeten it.We are precious so is our time.Good day folks!

I need me

Slam Poetry

In grade 6, i had a “friend”

We were age mates but she was my role model,

I wanted to be just like her,

At 13 years, you could see the shape of her breasts underneath her sweater, 

Her hips showed a sign of growth,

She was tall and walked with a certain rhythm, 

It was as if she was following a beat only she could hear, 

Her white blouse and green skirt looked especially good on her, 

She was an idol to the boys,

I, on the hand,

Didn’t show any sign of growth,

There was no difference between me and my 8 year old sister, 

I wore an oversized uniform which i got in 5th grade,

My mums plan was that i wear it all through primary school, 

My shoes didn’t fit me yet, and i certainly didn’t walk with any rhythm.

But I knew everyone had something good in them

Maybe it just not my time yet

I kept on cursing about my negativity instead of appriciating my capability.

I knew I was pretty 

But all i needed was for someone to tell me so.

It was a bit tricky 

Because i don’t think anyone could notice me.

Years went by I grew up,

So did my breast,esteem and thinking too.

I finally realised it…

I don’t need all that to be amaizing….

It’s simple and easy.

It’s all in my mind….

I needed me to be me😏


Tecky Ondiba.


Over the past few years,I have been troubled quite often by the things that I can not change;those I could not change.

I was pushed quite often and my breaking point was eagerly awaited to be seen.I have been damaged in situations which others comfortably called a tiny speed_maintenance bump across the road.

At a very tender age,I grew up taking some “adult-like” responsibilities.It pushed me nearly to my breaking point.But I took this as if it was preparing me for a better tommorrow.There always came a time when I had  to challenge my own breaking points.I had to gear up,sacrifice more ,think and reason a little bit outside the box to emerge different from the rest.

Somewhere in that part of the struggle of life,where most are willing to die and the rest are not willing to live,I want to keep myself going,wrapped myself with the shield of love and self_care.I always motivate and award my positive thoughts and actions until they will become a daily routine.

We all have friends,thats good!There is nothing wrong for sure,but some of our friends are fake.They are not bonded by friendship but situationships.They are only there because of their needs.Your girls are only there when you are shopping and your boys are only there when drinks are popping.When you are broke and broken emotionally,they are no where to be seen.They are all hopping.

You are left with your untolds…


The things I’ve seen will scar me for life,

growing up I’ve seen wrong and very little of right,

I hear a sad song and tears roll down my face,

I look in the mirror and feel so out of place,

I don’t want to become something larger than life,

I want to become something real and so right,

do they understand am I understood,

can life be better I wish that it could, 

before I make a decision I always think twice,

they say what can I do to help you feel better 

I say nothing because this is my life

Young Blood

Young little soilder,one day you will be mature enough to understand the nagging things I will be telling you as you grow up.

You will grow up to have a father,I will always be there for you.A father,who will be a good role model your entire life.I never had that chance but at least I had someone very important,your grandmother!You are shaped by your own choices so young blood be careful by the path you will be taking…

Young blood,do not waste your time trying to fit in.Do what you think suites you.Most important Pray everytime you feel left out.Think beyond tommorow and always live to treasure your family and your goals..

One day you will be mature to understand that my dirty wrinkled hands are a sign of clean money.Young blood every sacrifice I make in my youthful years,is for you to have a better life.


With love


It’s up to You

Hard work pays,trust me it does!

If you believe and work,one day you will achieve.The late nights and early rises will one day pay off just soilder on my people….Hardwork can never dissapoint.

                                                 ~Shiraqs Nuna 

This is what drives all my goals in life.The major acts you should remember;

  1. Dream 
  2. Believe 
  3. work
  4. Achive 

There are two things that I highly believe in that is God and me.I know every morning the alarm sounds its a new chance to make something good out of myself.

No matter how many times you fail just know life gives you a second chance.That secong chance is called tommorow.Never give up.

                                                ~Shiraqs Nuna

It’s up to you to make yourself better.Remember to dream big,work hard,stay focused and surround yourself with people who believe in you.These are the first steps to the land of prosperity….