The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.Often at times we fail to achieve our goals not because we cannot but because we luck commitment.We luck commitment in our thoughts as well as our actions.Take for instance that business plan you thought about at the beginning of the year.You said you would save certain amount for it to start later this year but it is almost the end of June and you know where you stand.

           Time is so precious that every second counts.Every promise you make,keep it!Yes you know karma,that mama will hount you. Don’t promise yourself gold to award yourself quartz at the end.Just be committed.One thing I always have in mind is I rather do something with passion or not at all. The same applies to your life.

     Our lifes are bittersweet but its our duty to make it bitter or sweeten it.We are precious so is our time.Good day folks!


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