I need me


Slam Poetry

In grade 6, i had a “friend”

We were age mates but she was my role model,

I wanted to be just like her,

At 13 years, you could see the shape of her breasts underneath her sweater, 

Her hips showed a sign of growth,

She was tall and walked with a certain rhythm, 

It was as if she was following a beat only she could hear, 

Her white blouse and green skirt looked especially good on her, 

She was an idol to the boys,

I, on the hand,

Didn’t show any sign of growth,

There was no difference between me and my 8 year old sister, 

I wore an oversized uniform which i got in 5th grade,

My mums plan was that i wear it all through primary school, 

My shoes didn’t fit me yet, and i certainly didn’t walk with any rhythm.

But I knew everyone had something good in them

Maybe it just not my time yet

I kept on cursing about my negativity instead of appriciating my capability.

I knew I was pretty 

But all i needed was for someone to tell me so.

It was a bit tricky 

Because i don’t think anyone could notice me.

Years went by I grew up,

So did my breast,esteem and thinking too.

I finally realised it…

I don’t need all that to be amaizing….

It’s simple and easy.

It’s all in my mind….

I needed me to be me😏


Tecky Ondiba.


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