Over the past few years,I have been troubled quite often by the things that I can not change;those I could not change.

I was pushed quite often and my breaking point was eagerly awaited to be seen.I have been damaged in situations which others comfortably called a tiny speed_maintenance bump across the road.

At a very tender age,I grew up taking some “adult-like” responsibilities.It pushed me nearly to my breaking point.But I took this as if it was preparing me for a better tommorrow.There always came a time when I had  to challenge my own breaking points.I had to gear up,sacrifice more ,think and reason a little bit outside the box to emerge different from the rest.

Somewhere in that part of the struggle of life,where most are willing to die and the rest are not willing to live,I want to keep myself going,wrapped myself with the shield of love and self_care.I always motivate and award my positive thoughts and actions until they will become a daily routine.

We all have friends,thats good!There is nothing wrong for sure,but some of our friends are fake.They are not bonded by friendship but situationships.They are only there because of their needs.Your girls are only there when you are shopping and your boys are only there when drinks are popping.When you are broke and broken emotionally,they are no where to be seen.They are all hopping.

You are left with your untolds…



The things I’ve seen will scar me for life,

growing up I’ve seen wrong and very little of right,

I hear a sad song and tears roll down my face,

I look in the mirror and feel so out of place,

I don’t want to become something larger than life,

I want to become something real and so right,

do they understand am I understood,

can life be better I wish that it could, 

before I make a decision I always think twice,

they say what can I do to help you feel better 

I say nothing because this is my life