Young Blood

Young little soilder,one day you will be mature enough to understand the nagging things I will be telling you as you grow up.

You will grow up to have a father,I will always be there for you.A father,who will be a good role model your entire life.I never had that chance but at least I had someone very important,your grandmother!You are shaped by your own choices so young blood be careful by the path you will be taking…

Young blood,do not waste your time trying to fit in.Do what you think suites you.Most important Pray everytime you feel left out.Think beyond tommorow and always live to treasure your family and your goals..

One day you will be mature to understand that my dirty wrinkled hands are a sign of clean money.Young blood every sacrifice I make in my youthful years,is for you to have a better life.


With love



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