Two untold stories

Life can sometimes be so unfair that you may think whether you deserve to be in this world or not.There is only one answer for that….The answer is yes!Yes you were meant to be here….You were born with a purpose in this world…and the situation you are in is to make you accure more expensive virtures such as patience and endurance.

In that photo above there are four kids bags but they have two different stories…you see how this world is cruel

But the two groups have different goals for the day.Only God knows their end …society don’t judge them but help them achieve same goals at the end of their lives.

This world is only good when you choose the right decisions.Sometimes you may go astray but remember you future generation depends on you.The two streets kids infront if you were to ask them,they would also like to put on uniform and walk to school like the others.But something somewhere didn’t happen as per their wish…This are two completely different stories ,society help me make earth a better place…





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