The year of joy and love

I met the one who took me 

Up in the sky above 

And made me realise how to be me

I appriciate this beautiful lady 

Cause in my heart I hear her hearts melody

She is pretty and all stuff 

But she is unique for with her i fell i have had more than enough

I just love her 😘😘




Probably this is the best time to reflect on the goals you achieved and the ones you could not…

You know every new year people tend to have resolutions that I don’t thing they really achieve.But to whoever this post will reach remember to stay focused and never give up💪.Respect your grind☺

Merry chrismass and a happy 2017😘



Every morning means a fresh start on things…

If yesterday was tiring and       exhausting,today is a given opportunity       to do something different.Don’t be afraid of being different from the rest instead be afraid of being like everyone else.
If yesterday was full of triumph and satisfaction,today is a free chance to go further.Push yourself beyond your limits,soon you will realise you had a greater potential than what you thought!

All to often we wake up thinking of our schedules and assume that we must live according to the same dull script.We need not.Our lives do not follow a specific format.We rule our own live through God ofcouse!If we find what is unique to each day,we will have the greatest fullfillment possible
Look Back,Look Foward!

Make the right move!….


Happy Mashujja Day