Little soldier


Often,what you see in others is what exists in you;and what you feel jealous about when seeing your peers do,might be your area of interest.When you realise your worth that’s when you realize the sleeping giant you’ve awakened.A giant that could have been as small as David but still conquered!One man could change the world i believe;just as a journey starts with a single step so does change.You see son,we are Africans!We have to behave like Africans but be civilized all the same.
Son,i believe that no one was born perfect and you are no supernatural being as lucky.We all make mistakes but everybody deserves a second,third or fourth chance.What one does with those chances is what reflects about you.If you continue blowing every single chance;you will not be growing up but depreciating in value.My dear little soldier often you will hear me say
         “He who sweats mire in training,bleeds less in battle.    

Bleeding is generally characterized as pain.And you will feel pain for you are human just like your dad.
Success,my son no man on earth should ever deceive you that success is all about the figures in your account,the cars you drive or the house you live in.These are just but the few obvious things a luxurious  man would be craving for.Success is all build up in your mind son.Success us the little baby steps you make everyday.Success is not an action but a is what you repeatedly do.You are the one to determine your daily progress;how you will accomplish your short and long-term goals.Taking a portrait for instance;you will find two artist painting the same picture with and the same procedure having similar results but the duration is different.This reveals how success is intended but  it occurs in different times.Some have the zeal to be successful and they do so in their late twenties.However,others are lazy but realize how important it is and they succeed in their late fifties.Surely,is there any sense of pride to succeed in such a time?(in something like education)
Boy,the choice is you
You see son,am talking to you like the responsible young-man you will one day be;and seeing you grow up to shun the mistakes I made is what I can only wish for.Little man,don’t ever wait for me to sit down with you and dictate life’s lessons to you.Be wise enough and learn them from through me lest society molds you.

Back then,we had a common phrase that said

An average man will learn from his mistakes,but a wise man will look for that average man and learn from his mistakes

The gun is in your hand soldier,you the one to decide whether to pull the trigger or not.I might be that average we are talking about.But I want you to be the wise man
Son if you must fake it to make it,you have my full support.As long as we won’t kill any soul during our Operation Lazima U-make it(OLU) you have my extra muscle to rely.
Shirao jr. this what the Mbari’s will forever do.

With love