Memoir to my unborn son (part I)


Hello son am writing these memoirs from a different platform unlike you.

Your provisional names will be james mbari or shirao jr. that’s if I don’t get married to some lightskin who decides to call you Marx Elnino Alejandro.

You see son, a man is supposed to know his strengths and limitations and realize when to stick to his lane, over-speed, overlap, overtake, when to use an exit as an entry point at Muthaiga without being ‘caught’ by Bensouda and in the unfortunate event it happens how to sweet talk her ‘to take for eyes’–achukue za macho mark you that’s not corruption it’s called time value for money instead of going down to Makadara. In short son, I won’t appeal to any supreme court if your Mama decides to call you Nyakimincha or ‘wateba’ that is really a non issue, accept my apologies in the event it so happens. If your lucky to be born at the Agha Khan or aboard airforce one or at the very extreme at a border point in Loiktoktok I have a few words I want to share with you Omundo kwa Mundo forgive ”forced” my luhya it’s man to man.

Am writing these memoirs with a bit joy and uncertainty in my mind and heart. I don’t fear for your future, but what type of monster you might end up…? You could become anything you want i can assure you that. From the astute brilliance of a FIFA balloon d’or winner,the first Kenyan to land in space,the first Kenyan Chinese president, the first EAC president M7 would not be happy about it but who cares. You could still stoop to the abyss of some world degenerates out there who make the world a playground of evils, am not naive to ignore that, and become Kenya’s version of El chapo (a Mexican drug-lord,he has escaped from maximum prison twice) and break from kamiti occasionally, join ISIS and bring down a jumbo jet crashing at a G20 summit in Moscow,become a typical Kenyan politician that steals from the poor and feeds them crumbles, you could become a pickpocket at muthurwa, better still a night runner. The world literally would be on your feet be what you want i can only guarantee you my loyalty because that’s what family is.
The tragedy of life is that we become wise when it’s a bit tard too late and regret some of the stuff we din’t do when we had time, energy and resources which are not necessarily money.

First I pray that you observe the teachings of the best and the Holy book. Listen to men of God with a discerning spirit and heart there are so many frauds today I can only be apprehensive of the future. Put your family first before all the other things just not before God, make sure you spend most of the time with the people you love and care about. Remember friends are like knowledge they make the path of life bearable but wisdom is like family it makes life purposeful. Don’t be addicted and imprisoned by neither your work nor your friends both can easily be replaced just like a smartphone, not so with family.

Don’t wait too long to have fun with your daughter and son before they become teenagers. When you grow old you will be boring (underline this line,just go ahead and do it), your idea of fun will no longer be what they think. Your grandmama ms. Nuna believes going to my grandma’s during Christmas and having a big feast is the coolest thing I don’t question her intentions but then again for heavens sake we have been performing this ritual before even the Titanic had hit an iceberg. Right now all I want is a flight south coast at the beach followed by a trip to the Mara and camping in the wild, seeing the stars in the wee hours of the night,being woken up by the roar of lions and the stamping of elephants….enjoying the nagging mosquitoes as they try to feed themselves off me. You see me and your grandma have different ideas of fun it will be the same between me and you.

Learn to love people without trusting them. An old adage says Only trust in God with human beings verify each day….you will meet so many friends who will steal, con and soil your reputation. Be peaceable and don’t get into confrontations you might be playing in murky waters with a pig that would love to go the whole hog,i guarantee you loss. Stand in truth and allow those bullies and cunning friends to win the small fights. One day you will become Spartacus, the god of the arena, you will have conquered the battlefield. Be intelligent and learn how to manage other human beings without being personal, it is a strength to allow people to enjoy your success but stand up for them when they loose, the back stops with you.If you cant stand up for them, ask the management to assign you lighter duties as they find it useful after all you have to grind boy.Be generous, give without expecting in return, fight for the greater good of humanity by making the world a better place than you found it. Donate to charity and not to politicians, at the very least avoid them like plague you might get corrupted which is a disease whose medication is to be infinitely corrupt.

To God be our family

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